Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What a Toll-Free Telephone Number can do for your Business

A toll-free telephone number is an excellent way of increasing your chances of gaining new customers and keep your existing customers loyal to your business. Toll-free phone numbers are able to provide you with this advantage in communication because of the free incoming call service that it presents to your callers. Anyone that would make a call to your company will not incur the communication charges, proving that toll-free phone numbers are not only advantageous to your company but also to your customers. The benefits of contacting your organization for free will encourage any interested patrons to contact your business. This will result to more number of incoming calls being received.

Your current clients will always call your business whenever they have questions or concerns about the goods or products that you serve. No matter how trivial the concern that existing customers have with your business, they will never think twice to contact your business because of the free incoming call service. Improving the quality of your service to clients will easily be achieved with the free incoming call service that is provided by the toll-free telephone number. This business phone number also gives your customers the convenience of being able to contact your business at any time they need. The auto attendant feature of toll-free phone numbers will be the one to accommodate customer calls.

Callers will always be able to have their calls accepted when you are not in your office with the aid of the automated attendant service from toll-free telephone number. Apart from containing an auto attendant service, toll-free phone numbers also have call forwarding services and phone extensions. These telecommunication services let you be reachable to customers regardless of your location. Your mobile and residence phone numbers can be designated as part of your phone extensions in order for you to receive calls at your home or on the road. You can also program the destination numbers of where calls are to be forwarded. This helps you cut the time needed in transferring the call needed to reach the intended person.

Call forwarding and phone extension services of the toll-free telephone number, you will never worry about missing a call. You are always connected to your business communication regardless of your whereabouts. You do not have to be in your office to be able to exchange communication information with callers, giving you more mobility in business communication. This telecommunication advantage that can be obtained from toll-free phone numbers will be very beneficial for companies that are constantly on the go. It is also helpful for employees that travel a lot since they will still be able to communicate with you and your customers even when they are far from your business location.

Such capability in communication given by the toll-free telephone number will also help you improve the business relationship you have with your clients. Customers who have their calls always answered will have more confidence and trust with your business. This will encourage them to do more business deals with you in the future. Clients that are satisfied with the way you handle your communication may even be very confident with your business that they will promote your company to their friends and business partners.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

VoIP Basics

Making long distance phone calls usually means that you have to connect to a long distance carrier through your phone company, and pay often steep per-minute charges and fees just to call a friend or loved one. Often, the cost of the phone call depends on the day and time of the day that you are making it, as well as the location you are calling to. The minutes you talk add up quickly, and the monthly long distance bill can be a shock to your system and your bank account. Fortunately, there is an exciting technology that is gives you the option of saying goodbye to traditional long distance for good. It is VOIP is or Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it's in the process of changing the face of long-distance telephone systems forever.

VOIP works by taking analog audio systems and converting them into digital data, which can be sent over the Internet. This means that your kitchen telephone could possibly become obsolete. It will not be the only place to call friends and family that live far away. VOIP can make your Internet connection, and your home computer, the place that you make your long-distance phone calls - free of charge. Because you use VOIP devices and software that are widely available, the phone company is not involved. No phone company means that there are no hefty long-distance charges for you to pay. VOIP is a convenient and affordable way to keep in touch with those who live far away from you.

There are several types of VOIP devices available that can be used to place calls from your home computer. They are relatively simple to use, and often cost very little, if anything at all, to implement. They are all commonly in use, and each provides a slightly different take on this exciting technology. The most common device used in VOIP service currently is the ATA, or Analog Telephone Adapter. This VOIP device allows you to hook your typical telephone up to your home computer Internet connection. This device converts the analog audio signal from the phone and makes it possible to use over the Internet by converting it to transmittable digital data. The ATA is simple for anyone to use. Just plug the cord from your home phone that would usually go into the wall jack into the ATA, and it is set up for you to call anyone anywhere in the world.

Another type of VOIP device is the IP, or Internet Protocol, phone. An IP phone looks like a regular home telephone, complete with a handset and buttons for dialing. But, rather than having standard phone connectors (RJ-11), an IP phone is equipped with an Ethernet connection (RJ-45). This VOIP device connects to your computer's router, and allows you to make phone calls directly from your home computer, dialing it just like a typical home telephone.

Yet another type of VOIP device is known as computer-to-computer. With this method, long-distance phone calls are made free of charge. All you pay is the monthly ISP fee you are already paying. Many companies offer free or low-price software that you install on your computer. If your computer is equipped with a microphone, PC speakers, and a sound card in addition to your Internet connection, then you will quickly be set up to talk to anyone in the world using VOIP. This is an extremely easy and affordable type of VOIP device that allows you to keep in touch with those far away from you.

As you can see, not only will VOIP change the way you make phone calls forever, but it will save you money as well. Utilizing equipment that the vast majority of us already have in our homes today, VOIP technology provides consumers with easy and affordable options in long distance phone service. With the exception of your current ISP's monthly charges, there is little to no expense at all. And since there are several options of VOIP devices from which you can choose, there is no reason not to consider VOIP as your primary means of making long distance phone calls to far away friends and family.